Monday, 23 December 2013

Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array

It is said that we can work on SQL Server connecting to Object Explorer by using the SQL Management Studio tool (SSMS) of a older version. It is true up to a point, but there is a risk of getting some unexpected errors, for instance, we get this error while working connected to SQL Server 2012 Object Explorer by using SQL Server 2005 SSMS.

The error is raised particularly because the superior version supports more features, which means that each feature is likely to have one folder on the Object Explorer. Put differently, there is more quantity of folders to display in SQL Server 2012 than SQL Server 2005 whose Object Explorer cannot display more because the max array index is outside the bounds that this supports. Ideally, the general recommendation is always to use the latest SSMS to connect to older versions (but not vice versa). That is all for now, let me know any remark you may have. Thanks for reading.