Monday, 1 May 2017

Renewed as 2017 Microsoft MVP Data Platform - all roads lead me to help more

Today I have been renewed again as 2017 Microsoft MVP. This is my third award as Microsoft MVP Data Platform since 2015. Thank you all very much fro all your support. SQL Server has been my lifelong passion which inspires me to share much more with the SQL community, where I have also learned a lot. All roads lead me to help more and this makes me happy too.
By the way, I am not working for Microsoft, but SQL Server has given me a lot. I do not agree with some people who say that SQL Server is nowhere near as good as Oracle. Clearly, they might say it while struggling with performance issues and under that stressful situation it might be understandable. evertheless, in one way or another, I am going to speak out about some technician's opinions related to SQL Server.

To begin with, Microsoft SQL Server is cleverly designed and has an easy-to-use interface that relieves you from having to know arcane syntax details to complete any job. So, if other database management products do not have the same it is not a SQL Server's problem. is it not true that the top priority of any software is to make your life easier and more prolific? SQL Server just makes it. To give you an example, it has a dashboard that displays performance statistics  and notifies you of some situation that is worthy of attention. What's more, SQL Server provides scalable performance mostly when there is only one instance running per server, only then will it make efficient use of resources and eliminate the overhead of having various SQL instances struggling with shared memory and limited storage throughput.

Obviously, it is worth noting that it is heartedly recommendable carrying out maintenance tasks once a week at least to warrant strongly consistent data and to eke out every last ounce of performance. Finally, to be brutally honest, I am not one of the database engineers who speaks glowingly of SQL Server because I fully understand that after all it is not more than one of the many hugely powerful tools available to manage databases, and every solution depends entirely on you. So, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the product, remember what I previously mentioned. SQL Server just performances as good as it is installed. It is of paramount importance to meet SQL Server minimum hardware requirements, otherwise, unforeseen problems may arise in the foreseeable future. Thus, it is the base on which SQL Server must always be installed. The major problem is mostly who designed and installed the database server, I mean the problem is the lack of knowledge, not the technology on its own. Do not place the blame on SQL Server on the grounds of one's inefficiency. So, the more you know SQL Server inside and out, the better the performance will be. As simple as that. 


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