Without good DBA support, you are putting your business at risk. You should be aware of database failure is not a option because a down database means you are out of business. Faced with these factors how your business deal with it all? How do you cost effectively manage your databases in these though economic times?, especially in a time when companies are forced to save considerable money?

Historically, there were only two ways to deal with the challenges of database administration: You could hire a full-time DBA or you could bring in a consultant. Both options had very hard costs associated. As companies have learned from experience, there are many limitations to trying to solve the challenges of database administration by bringing in an additional in-house resource. The technology needed to support a database that has become more and more complex, and DBAs have become more specialized so hiring a single consultant or DBA is just not enough anymore. Even if you hire the proper DBA type for the current challenge at hand, a month later you may require a DBA with one of the other needed specialties because the current technology is way beyond the means of a single consultant or employee to keep up with it all.

No longer do you have to bring the DBA to the database. Now you bring the database to the DBA in a safe and cost-effective manner by using Internet, in other words, the database bring to the DBA via Remote Access, with this you are able to buy just the right amount of DBA service to fit your business needs as per your demands. This is a new way of managing your database that has significant advantages over past practices. Consequently, we should take a look at a new way to overcome the many challenges surrounding database administration. I can provide you the complete solution for this in a cost-effective way to manage your database administration without compromising service quality. It's a way that improves the services levels and return quickly the investment. For the cost of Percy Reyes's DBA Services, you can have proactive support 24x7 designed to prevent failures of your database and do not impact on its business applications. In fact, your database will run better, your mission-critical business applications will run better. It all means your business will run better.

Key advantages of Database Administration as a Service include:
  • Administration and proactive monitoring of database servers
  • Preventive Maintenance Database
  • Health databases checking
  • 99.99% service level guarantee
  • Reduced staff turnover and burnout
  • Highly scalable, on-demand DBA services
  • Improved database performance so that mission-critical applications running better
  • Increased security and compliance best practices
  • Increased database administration best practices
  • Elimination of recruitment costs, training and certification costs
  • Elimination of “soft cost” overhead expenses

SQL Server consulting is one of the services I can offer you to solve your immediate problem on-site or by remote access. My knowledge of the SQL Server platform is complete, specialized and current, furthermore, I am a Certified DBA Expert working for all sizes of company. I am focused on providing the highest quality SQL Server Consulting in the market by meeting high standards to give value for your business.

Whatever you need, I can help you with:
  • Secure Installation and configuration of database servers. We can also assist in sizing a server based on your needs. 
  • Diagnosing and solving performance problems. Optimization and tuning of heavy workloads
  • Resolution of internal problems related to configurations of Processor, Memory, Disk, SQL Server Protocols
  • Quality Assurance and verification of developments in SQL Server
  • Infrastructure design for SQL Servers (including RAID Designs)
  • Design and implementation of audit and standards security compliance solutions for SQL Server
  • Design and implementation of disaster recovery strategies
  • Design and implementation of backup and recovery strategies
  • Design and implementation of high availability solutions (log shipping, mirroring, replication)
  • Design and implementation of data replication solutions
  • Design and implementation of Automation solutions
  • Migration of database servers

I teach based on my experience and real-world knowledge focused on one platform in order provide you the skills needed and knowledge to build a solid foundation for SQL Server development, run, and maintain the next wave of advanced database solutions. My classes will allow you to acquire skills to put immediately into practice. You know that writing application code is very different than writing efficient SQL code so I can teach your team how to write good SQL code with high performance in order to avoid database failures and performance issues.