"With me now you have the best way to manage your databases smarter, cutting costs and improving the performance"
In the past decades, we have seen a proliferation of business applications, even with the current state of the economy, we will continue to see aggressive growth of business applications that depend on the database. Business applications that were once reserved for big companies are now everywhere. All sizes of company need to deploy enterprise-class capabilities to stay competitive in today's global economy. With all of this comes enterprise-class complexity and problems: database and business applications get bigger and more complex, and also the technology needed to keep it all running keeps getting more and more complex.

About a decade ago it was a common practice to shut your database down once per day or once a week to do a cold backup. In today's world that is not possible if you want to be competitive, shutting it down is not an option. We compete in a global economy and your business needs to be up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to stay competitive. As a result, multi-terabyte databases are commonplace today and you need to have database administrator's ability to keep up with it all. To make matters worse, the industry can't train DBA's quick enough to meet this because good database administrator skills takes many years to acquire.

In today's economy, we are now living in times that requires new thinking about how to replace the old ways in order to do more with less without impact your business’ ability to maintain a competitive advantage. In these troubled economic times, looking for new excellent ways to cut costs are critical and important decisions, according to this we need to find smarter solutions to save money without impacting our business’ competitive advantages, that is, we have to do things smarter. Database Administration as a Service, offered exclusively by Percy Reyes, is the best way to manage your databases smarter.

Database Administration as a Service is a new way of managing your databases, cutting costs and improving the performance of your database and the mission-critical business applications running on it. If your business runs on a SQL Server database then I am the Certified SQL Server DBA Expert you are looking for, I am trained, certified and experienced with SQL Server and all the technologies required to maintain a high performance, high availability, secure and reliable database environment for your company.