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Do not place the blame on SQL Server

Percy Reyes . Monday, 29 April 2019
I have never worked for Microsoft, but SQL Server has given me a lot in terms of learning, community and opportunities, all these together have helped me do a great job as a Database Administrator. Since I started working with SQL Server nearly 15 years ago, I have frequently seen people saying that SQL Server is nowhere near as good as Oracle. Honestly, I mostly tried not to get involved in this fruitless discussion. However, I was always wondering what was the point of comparing products in such a compulsive way? why do people still get involved in this sort of discussions? is technology more crucial than ours skills? or maybe one is just trying to find something to blame? one is supposed to be a professional, and in this sense, one has to make the most out of any specific database technology. No matter what technology you are working with, you are at the wheel, technology is just a tool, so do not blame technology on the ground of one's inefficiency.

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