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Do not place the blame on SQL Server

Percy Reyes . Saturday, 20 January 2018
By the way, I have never worked for Microsoft, but SQL Server has given me a lot in terms of learning, community and opportunities, all these together have helped me do a great job as a Database Administrator. I do not agree with some people who say that SQL Server is nowhere near as good as Oracle. What's is the point of comparing products nowadays? why do some people might believe that technology is more than anything? Clearly, they might believe that when struggling with performance issues and therefore being under that stressful situation may be understandable.

To be brutally honest, I am not one of the database engineers who speaks glowingly of SQL Server because I fully understand that after all it is not more than one of the many hugely powerful tools available out there to manage databases, and of course every solution depends entirely on you. So, in one way or another, I am going to speak out about some technician's opinions related to SQL Server.

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