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Renewed as 2017 Microsoft MVP Data Platform - all roads lead me to help more

Percy Reyes . Monday, 1 January 2017
Today I have been renewed again as 2017 Microsoft MVP. Actually, this is my third award as Microsoft MVP Data Platform since 2015. Thank you all very much for all your support. Of course, SQL Server has been my lifelong passion which inspires me to share much more resources with the SQL community, where I have also learned a lot. All roads lead me to help more, and I could not be more grateful.

[UPDATE 31 July 2018] Today it the last day for me as MVP.

Renewed as a Microsoft MVP Data Platform in 2016 - Second Year

Percy Reyes . Friday, 1 January 2016
Without a shadow of a doubt, it is great to know that I have been renewed as Microsoft MVP Data Platform for this new year. I just have to thank you all for your help and keeping on reading this blog and my articles about SQL Server. Writing and helping people to learn more is inspiring to me. Thanks a lot again!

Microsoft SQL Server MVP - My First Year

Percy Reyes . Thursday, 1 January 2015
Since today I am Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Thank you so much The Official Microsoft MVP Community. I will continue helping and sharing knowledge and experiences with the SQL Community. New plans, events, webcasts, tips and articles are coming soon! Thank you!
Happy New Year 2015 to everyone!

I am in the running for “Rookie of the Year” in

Percy Reyes . Friday, 12 December 2014
As many of you know I am writing some tips since this year for MSSQLTips. I encourage you to vote for me as I am in the running for “Rookie of the Year”. If you want to vote for me you can do it here . I count on your vote, thanks for helping!

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