What Makes Me

And how I am Living my Best Life...

To begin with, I am a very happy man, and I live my best life evolving and growing each day, feeling stronger than ever, developing myself from within. I am very spiritual but not religious — as within so without. I am a down-to-earth man with a great personality and youthful enthusiasm, a bit chatty every so often and happy-go-lucky as well. Above all, I have got principles, and my most important attributes are integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. 

I am always willing to do my best to achieve all my goals since I strongly believe in the beauty of my dreams. I have no fear of failure; I always try to go beyond fears as I believe better things are on the other side. Also, I am single-minded and sold on the idea of everything one can achieve depends on our determination and dedication. "Believe and you will find your own way" is my most inspiring quote.

Particularly, I am most comfortable in environments where things are constantly changing, evolving, and personal freedom are emphasised. Likewise, my approach to work and life is driven by advancement, curiosity and solutions since I am an optimistic thinker who constantly adapts to new expectations. Thinking big, going global, and being open to change is part of my personality. 

I deeply love reading books — I spend most of my time reading maths and computer science books — and therefore doing research, but I always make time for home workouts (I particularly like kettlebell workouts), spiritual meditation, and the electronic keyboard. Despite not being very interested in movies, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are my favourite ones.

I find enjoyment in travelling the world; my favourite place ever visited is England where I had unforgettable and life-changing experiences. I have lived in Manchester, London, and Loughborough. I've been to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Colombia, and Brazil as well. It is worth mentioning that Colombia is forever in my heart.
What makes me is my persistence to live my best life ever. Keep believing in myself. Going within when needed. Not looking the outer world, but my inner power.

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