Sunday, 20 November 2005

How to connect to SQL Server 2005 much faster via SQL Management Studio (SSMS)

While connecting with SQL Server 2005, we have to deal with the 'splash' and then indicate, basically, the following: service type, server name, and authentication type. This process could sometimes be a waste of time, but we can optimise it if we already know where we want to establish a connection. We can save time by using 'sqlwb.exe' tool which allows to start SQL Management Studio rapidly. This tool has some parameters we can use them to speed up the logon process to SQL instances. Here an illustration how to use 'sqlwb.exe' with some basic parameters. If we would like to connect to the 'TestDB' database on 'SVPRDB1' server and with Windows Authentication, it can be done in this way:

sqlwb.exe -E -S SVPRDB1 -d TestDB -nosplash

Having executed that, not only will we connect directly to 'TestDB' database without specifying manually the parameters, but also without seeing 'the splash' showing the presentation of SQL Management Studio version. Now we can also customise the shortcut as it is shown in the following picture:

As earlier I said, this is the fastest way to connect to SQL Server which will allow to save some seconds. It couldn't have been simpler. That is all for now. Thanks for reading.