Percy Reyes
PhD Researcher in Computer Science (Cryptography)
Loughborough University, England, UK 
Systems Engineer & Computer Scientist
Owner/Founder at SQLEngineers
"As within so without..."

I've been working as a senior Database Administrator (DBA) for over 15 years; I possess extensive knowledge and experience in managing critical database servers running on Microsoft SQL Server platforms. I provide my customers with the Best 24x7 Remote SQL DBA Services — a cost-effective way designed to serve your needs of database management. Reach out to me at support@sqlengineers.com to help you fix all your SQL Server issues; I'm looking forward to making your databases run significantly faster.
Besides my passion for database query processing and distributed database systems, I am also a computer scientist working on cryptography —  cryptographic Boolean functions, algorithmic cryptanalysis, number theory, and other algebraic aspects of cryptography — I am focused on the mathematical side of cryptography. I did a Master in Advanced Computer Science at Loughborough University, England in 2018, where I am currently doing a PhD in Computer Science (Cryptography). 

For academic purposes only, please email me at A.P.Reyes-Paredes@lboro.ac.uk

I've been writing about SQL Server administration issues on my blog since 2005 — nowadays I only write for MSSQLTips.com; you can access all my published articles here. In this blog, I mostly share my thoughts and knowledge on cryptography.


I hold the following Microsoft certificates:
  • MCSE Data Management and Analytics (issued Aug 2018)
  • MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration (issued Aug 2018)
  • MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development (issued Aug 2018)
  • MCP Microsoft Certified Professional (renewed 2012, issued Apr 2012)
  • MCITP Database Developer on SQL Server 2005 (issued Oct 2008)
  • MCTS SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance (issued Jul 2008)
  • MCITP Database Administrator on SQL Server 2005 (issued Dec 2007)
  • MCTS SQL Server 2005 (issued Oct 2006)
  • MCP Microsoft Certified Professional (issued Sep 2005)