Sunday 11 September 2022

Knowing and Protecting Your Data

Computer circuitry has crept into nearly everything we use nowadays, and almost all of which gather information from us and about us. As a result, the present is immersed in copious amounts of data, which is stored somewhere and, most of the time, not securely protected. 

Today we are almost entirely reliant on IT departments at work; practically all organisations depend on enterprise-wide applications to support numerous key business processes which create a mountain of information. Needless to say, IT infrastructure and business applications are increasingly — and usually, unnecessarily — more complex; complexity is the worst enemy of security — and sometimes, of performance too. As a consequence, we are losing more control of storage and, therefore, security. The more data we share, the bigger the security risk is. 

Companies always strive to successfully harness the power of data, but unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to securely accessing data. There are laws about protecting information, but most people are either blissfully unaware of them or careless about them. Many of us know what could happen when our data end up in the wrong hands.

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