Thursday 29 September 2016

Using ‘sp_browsereplcmds’ to diagnose SQL Server Replication issues

While diagnosing SQL Server transactional replications issues, we may need to look into some pending commands inside the Distribution database. In other words, not only do we have to monitor pending commands, but also take some actions so as to keep working the replication. For instance, at times we may have to kill some specific commands because of errors which do not allow other commands to be moved to subscribers. Before doing that, we firstly need to identify which commands have to be removed from the queue by using ‘sp_browsereplcmds’ system stored procedure. This basically accepts many input parameters like article_id:


After executing it, we are going to filter only the pending commands for the Article in question. (Remember that an article in replication is directly related to a table. You can query ‘sysarticles’ system table inside the published database.)

Another parameter we can use in order to get more specific information is the transaction sequence number which is essentially the identifier for the transaction. Luckily, when reading some errors, we can see the sequence number and command ID which allow us to identify exactly the root cause we need to work on with ease.

EXEC SP_BROWSEREPLCMDS @xact_seqno_start = '0x00000027000000B50008',@xact_seqno_end = '0x00000027000000B50008' 

There are other parameters like command ID to get only the command we need to look into, and also the database ID to get all commands for that database.

EXEC SP_BROWSEREPLCMDS @xact_seqno_start = '0x00000027000000B50008',@xact_seqno_end = '0x00000027000000B50008' , @publisher_database_id = 33, @article_id = 1,@command_id= 1

Be cautious, do not execute ‘sp_browsereplcmds’ without any parameter on production database environments as they can have millions of commands inside Distribution database and as a result of this we will not get what we need rapidly and at the same time we will affect the database server performance. I hope you can find this post interesting when it comes to troubleshooting replication issues. Let me know any remark you may have. Thanks for reading.


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