Saturday, 22 August 2020

My special pile of books on Microsoft SQL Server internals

I hold a special pile of books on Microsoft SQL Server internals. I've always been my dream to have them all, but SQL Server 2012 internals is still missing; I am sure I will buy it next time.  I've been working as a SQL Server database administrator for over +15 years now, going through many versions and witnessing how this database management software has evolved over the years into a serious enterprise database management to meet business requirements. 

SQL Server internal topics are intended to provide us with a wealth of information about how the SQL Server storage engine works which helps us understand SQL Server inside out. These books have always been my favourite ones when it comes to SQL Server. My approach to managing database servers has always been from inside out, and these books provide us with all the insights required to successfully harness SQL Server.

I started buying some of these books when I was in England in 2016, then I carried on with the rest of them while studying at Loughborough University in 2018. You're not going to believe this! but I bought almost one hundred books that time. I just got carried away buying lots of books, I do love having and reading paper books and being in England was a golden opportunity to let my passion fly! I cannot regret now, I never did it, and I would undoubtedly buy more books if I were in England right now. So I do have lots of books at home, and sometimes I post some books reviews and photos on my Instagram account @percyreyes.books, and I hope to keep on posting more...

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