Wednesday 7 December 2016

New per-operator level performance stats included in SQL2016 SP1 and SQL2014 SP2

Traditionally, we were used to getting only basic runtime performance stats per operator regarding to CPU, I/O and Memory, which were not good enough to allow us to automate recollecting tasks of them. I strongly believe that DBAs are always overwhelmingly interested in diagnosing some issues proactively so as to prevent bad-written queries from using hardware resources inefficiently. Luckily, this convoluted situation has been changed radically in SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2014 SP2 since Microsoft has included very useful information per operator (and also per thread in the scope of each operator) which can be seen looking into the Showplan XML. For instance, we are going to see that information for the following query (in this case it has run under a serial plan, that is one thread).

This is its actual execution plan.

It is highlighted all what is new in SQL2016, SQL2016 SP1 and SQL2014 SP2. Therefore, we can appreciate CPU and I/O runtime performance stats for the Clustered Index Scan operator on 'PurchaseOrderDetail' table such as I/O reads, CPU time and Elapsed time. In a parallel plan you will be able to see information per thread in each operator.

And now we will see not only CPU and I/O performance stats for the Hash operator but also Memory performance stats.

All this information can also be seen in the Properties window in the context of each operator inside the Actual Execution Plan by using the latest version of SSMS. If you display the detail of each statistic, the detail per thread will be seen when working with parallel execution plan.

Having seen this, not only are we now able to look into useful performance stats by using Showplan XML and SSMS, but also we can create some scripts for administration and optimization purposes in order to pick up queries with poor performance and then optimise them. That is all for now. Let me know any remark you may have. Thanks for reading.

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