My love for books
I have a special place in my heart for books; I treasure them. I cannot imagine living my life without reading books; it is just something I have always been doing almost every day — I can't help but reading! I hold special piles of books on different topics — such as database management, philosophy, mathematics, physics, and cryptography. What's more, I hold almost a bit more than two hundred books in my personal library at home; I am convinced this number will increase in the coming years. So, I call myself a book lover. Fair enough?

I started buying some of these books when I was in England in 2016, then I carried on buying the rest of them while doing my Master at Loughborough University in 2018. You're not going to believe this! — I bought almost one hundred books at that time – Yes, I know, I just got carried away; I do love reading paper books and therefore being in England for me was a golden opportunity to let my passion fly! I cannot regret that moment now; I still love the idea of buying more books in the foreseeable future. It is just so exciting to live among lots of books! — can you believe it?

My favourite book is Alan Turing: The Enigma, while my favourite author is Bruce Schneier, whose books are completely engrossing — I did read them all — which are highly recommendable for those of you interested in computer security, cryptography, code-breaking, and security issues. 

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